Dhu Varren Garden

Dhu Varren Garden, owned by Mark and Laura Collins, began its development in 2001. Since then it has grown to contain one of the largest and most diverse plant collections of any private garden in Ireland.

This continues to grow (no pun intended!) as new and exciting plants are sourced from around the world. It has been described by visitors as Kerry's Botanical Garden'.

The 2.5 acre site, formerly the remains of a farm holding, has been extensively landscaped to create the correct environments the diverse range of plants require. The relatively mild climate in County Kerry facilitates the cultivation of exciting plants from around the world which would not usually be found at this latitude.

To further expand the plant collections, two large landscaped glasshouses have been constructed to house more tender collections. One of these is home to tropical butterflies in high Summer.

To add further interest, a large Koi carp pond is the centre piece of a Japanese Garden. The fish can be enjoyed from the adjacent teahouse, arched bridge or raised formal deck which gives the visitor spectacular views of the garden.

Many of the plants are labelled and either Mark or Laura are always available to answer any questions relating to the garden. Guided group tours, for those wishing to learn more about the plants, can be arranged in advance.


Plants found growing in the garden are also available for sale in the nursery.


Mark has given presentations to garden groups on the garden and botanical field trips to New Zealand, Mexico, Arizona/California, etc. These can be arranged by contacting Mark directly.

Always contact garden for admission and opening hours

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The garden is not entirely wheelchair accessible.
Milltown, Co. Kerry
Latitude: 52.133369Longitude: -9.697280
52° 8′ 0.12839999999994″9° 41′ 50.208″
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